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Convert USD to RSD

Please provide values below to convert USD [United States Dollar] to RSD [Serbian Dinar], or vice versa.

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USD to RSD Conversion Table

USD [United States Dollar]RSD [Serbian Dinar]
0.01 United States Dollar1.14955894 Serbian Dinar
0.1 United States Dollar11.4955894 Serbian Dinar
1 United States Dollar114.955894 Serbian Dinar
2 United States Dollar229.911788 Serbian Dinar
3 United States Dollar344.867682 Serbian Dinar
5 United States Dollar574.77947 Serbian Dinar
10 United States Dollar1149.55894 Serbian Dinar
20 United States Dollar2299.11788 Serbian Dinar
50 United States Dollar5747.7947 Serbian Dinar
100 United States Dollar11495.5894 Serbian Dinar
1000 United States Dollar114955.894 Serbian Dinar

How to Convert USD to RSD

1 United States Dollar = 114.955894 Serbian Dinar
1 Serbian Dinar = 0.0086989885007549 United States Dollar

Example: convert 15 United States Dollar to Serbian Dinar:
15 United States Dollar = 15 × 114.955894 Serbian Dinar = 1724.33841 Serbian Dinar

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